Shishkin tour

A trip to a land of ever-changing views. A good opportunity for artists and photographers to create their best works. Scenic routes made up by Honoured artists and travel bloggers of Russia.

Complexity **

Duration: 5 days

Scenic tour for artists and photographers, those who look for magic views. For 5 days in the company of creative people, we will visit the most memorable places, mountain canyons, historical villages in remote places, and much more.


Day 1

  • Airport shuttle;
  • Accommodation in the glamping park or in guest houses;
  • Tower Complex tour;
  • Supper under the stars.


Day 2

  • Early breakfast overlooking the Caucasus Mountain Range tops;
  • Trip to high mountains of the Tzei Natural Park;
  • Cable car ascent to the starting point of a hiking route to the lowest glacier in Europe;
  • Traditional dinner;
  • Trip to banks of Zaramag Water Reservoir;
  • Supper under the stars.


Day 3

  • Early breakfast overlooking the Caucasus Mountain Range tops;
  • Ascent to the upper part of the Arkhon Mountain Pass overlooking the gorge;
  • Trip to scenic viewpoints of Kurtatin Gorge;
  • High mountain dinner;
  • Tagaur Gorge;
  • Hiking to the highest waterfall in Europe, Zeigalan
  • Visiting the necropolis of Dargavs;
  • Karmadon Gorge
  • Water pool with hot springs, where the group takes a rest after a day rich in impressions.
  • Supper under the stars;


Day 4

  • Breakfast in high mountains;
  • Trip to the Digor Gorge;
  • Visiting rocky canyons and waterfalls;
  • Dinner in mountains;
  • Visiting the National Museum in Zadalesk;
  • Hiking down the paths of Alania National Park
  • Evening supper.


Day 5

  • Breakfast in mountains overlooking the Caucasus Mountain Range;
  • A trip down the Dagom Gorge;
  • Visiting the historical fortress of the last Alanian king and ancient sanctuaries;
  • Dinner;
  • Exhibition site preparation;
  • Opening of the retrospective exhibition in the Tower Complex;


Accommodation in guest houses and rooms of the Tower Complex during the trip.

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