Individual tour

Possibility to build a personal vacation schedule, routes and dates.

Full freedom of expression in the company of professional guides.

Author of the video: @mikhoshka


Unlimited number of days

  • Possibility to create the leisure suitable exactly for your company;
  • Our guides will help to build routes with regard of your age and training level;


Individual tour is:

  • Possibility to choose transport;
  • Possibility to choose accommodation;
  • Possibility to choose the tour menu;
  • Possibility to choose your own dates;
  • You will be provided our tour routes of various length and complexity level;
  • Possibility to choose our hiking and horse riding;
  • Possibility to choose sport and cultural events;
  • Possibility to take an excursion to South Ossetia;
  • Full support of our guides;
  • Two-way airport shuttle;


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