Event tour

A journey to a holiday filled with instrumental music and rousing dances in our medieval tower complex.

Duration: 3 days

Your possibility to find yourself amidst historical atmosphere of the annual holiday, held in the medieval Tower Complex, with live with instrumental music, rousing national dances, delicious food, and home wines flow like water, keeping up ancient traditions of one of the most picturesque gorges in Caucasus.

Day 1

  • Airport shuttle;
  • Accommodation in guest houses;
  • Tower Complex tour;
  • Horse riding is possible;
  • Supper under the stars;


Day  2

  • Early breakfast overlooking the Caucasus Mountain Range tops;
  • Trip about the most picturesque neighborhood;
  • Visiting the annual holiday in the Tower Complex;
  • Traditional dinner during the holiday feast;
  • Ethnocultural concert program.
  • Instrumental music, rousing dances, and much more;
  • The evening visiting of water pools with hot springs, where the group takes a rest after a day rich in impressions, is possible.


Day  3

  • Early breakfast overlooking the Caucasus Mountain Range tops;
  • Departure for the tour to Vladikavkaz;
  • Visiting the National Museum and the National Park;
  • Souvenir store and central hypermarket (optional);
  • Airport shuttle.


Accommodation in guest houses and rooms of the Tower Complex during the trip.

Tour dates and prices are being updated.

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