August 25

Music festival “Alanian Trace”

The annual festival “Alanian Trace” traditionally gathers foreigners of Ossetian or kindred origin. The event reflects the importance and the uniting power of history gathers musicians, dancers, singers and the other workers of ethnic culture in the walls of the Tower Complex, and the guests dip into the atmosphere of an ancient holiday.

In these days, the Tower Complex becomes a place uniting people from various countries on ethnic grounds.

Locals and creative young people, guests from various regions of Russia also take part in the event. Craftsmen organize workshop sessions and exhibitions of handmade products.

Professional dancers and musicians will create the magic atmosphere of an ancient holiday, will teach you to dance and to play national musical instruments.

The holiday was organized by the Government of RNO-Alania, Ministry for Nationalities of RNO-Alania. In these days, the Tower Complex unites people with interesting historical destinies, gives them a possibility of communication and to inclusion into common ethnic cultural roots; there an obligatory tradition, a general multi-pair dance called Simd


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