April 15

Family festival “SenoKoz”

The annual culture and environment art festival of hay “SenoKoz” traditionally gathers family companies that prefer outdoor activities. Within the festival, the competition for creating the most interesting hay art objects is held, and the main jury consists of rural goats.

In these days, the Tower Complex attracts people who are fond of family recreation. Locals and guests from various regions of Russia come here. The high mountain villagers organize workshop sessions and exhibitions of handmade products. Creative music teams make the magic atmosphere of an ancient holiday, guests are taught dances and playing national musical instruments, while families that take part in the competition create curious art objects from hay. Boards and branches may be used for making a frame or object details.

The holiday unites people according to their interests, and the mandatory tradition of the environment festival “SenoKoz” is the unprejudiced jury consisting of rural goats.


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