June 16

Cultural and education “Ethnic Camp”

The annual cultural and education “Ethnic Camp” gathers children from 10 years for immersion into the historical environment of ancestors of contemporary Ossetians. The recreation course will be an educating lesson, and will teach to live in harmony with nature and with the environment without modern gadgets.

In these days, the Tower Complex becomes a venue for a thrilling game called “Medieval Life.” Children lead a healthy life, learn about fundamentals of survival, carry water from the stream, learn to feed and to milk domestic animals, thus learning to be responsible and to respect the surrounding world. The everyday training program includes the practical course in applied arts. Our craftsmen carry out workshop sessions in production of traditional ovenware, plaiting, embossing; children are taught dances and playing national musical instruments, and much more. For their endeavor, the children are awarded with historical movies in our outdoor theatre under the starry sky.


The ethnic camp reporting day is a holiday organized by children themselves for their parents and guests of the Tower Complex. Within the holiday, an exhibition of children’s works and a concert with the participation of the camp foster children, who create the magical atmosphere of the ancient holiday.



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